NOx Sensor for European Trucks

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NOx Sensor for European Trucks

NOx Sensor for European Trucks


The control of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), one of the main hazardous exhaust gases from diesel engines, has always been a challenge in emission compliance especially for commercial vehicles.

NOx Sensor is mainly used to measure the concentration of NOx in automobile exhaust, providing the basis for the injection quantity of urea solution in the SCR after-treatment system, so that the NOx content in the exhaust gas can meet the emission standards.

Shentou now carries a complete line of NOx Sensors for European trucks. The quality and performance of the NOx Sensors fully match international standards while the prices are very competitive.

No.SHT #OE #Ref.#Application
1122008002102011648 / 1793378 / 18360595WK9 6619DDAF
2122008002202011649 / 1836060 / 17933795WK9 6628CDAF
3122008002302011650 / 1793380 / 18360615WK9 6626CDAF
41220080032020062455WK9 6661DDAF
5122008003102894940 / 2871979 / 4984577 / 4954222 / 17055725WK9 6675ADAF
612200800520A0081539828 / 0045WK9 6642BMercedes-Benz
5WK9 6653Mercedes-Benz
812200800500A0091530028 / 0045WK9 6653BMercedes-Benz
912200800530A0091533628 / 005 / 615373285WK9 6616FMercedes-Benz
1012200800680A0101539328 / 001
1112200800690A0101531728 / 00035WK9 7329AMercedes-Benz
1212200800480A0101531428 / 0035WK9 7329AMercedes-Benz
1312200800610228279935WK9 7371Volvo & Renault
1412200800640222192835WK9 6717BVolvo
1512200800670208733955WK9 6605CVolvo
1612200800620228279915WK9 7368Volvo
17122008005502294290 / 2064768 / 2247380 / 22968005WK9 7400Scania
18122008005402294291 / 2064769 / 2247381 / 22968015WK9 7401Scania
19122008005802296799 / 1872080 / 22473795WK9 6612FScania
20122008005812296799 2020691 1872080 17825965WK9 6612BScania
21122008005822296799 2020691 1872080 17825965WK9 6612DScania
2212200800370511540800195WK9 6790BMAN
2312200800430511540800155WK9 6618BMAN
5WK9 6618CMAN
251220080044051154080015 / 511540800095WK9 6618DMAN
2612200800400511540800175WK9 6722BMAN
271220080035058017540165WK9 6733BIVECO
281220080059058013637545WK9 6614IIVECO
291220080028058017540155WK9 6615FIVECO
30122008007002872298 / 2894946RX5WK9 6693ACummins
311220080071028949425WK9 6676ACummins
321220080073043268685WK9 6752CCummins
3312200800720A2C89789800-01 / 43268635WK9 6765ACummins
341220080072143268635WK9 6765BCummins
351220080030043268625WK9 6751CCummins
36122008007404326867 / A045S1615WK9 6754CCummins
371220080075089463-E04805WK9 6786HINO
381220080076089463-E00135WK9 6667CHINO
3912200800770844144665WK9 6711C

Remark: These are New products, not remanufactured.

The ones highlighted in BOLD RED are the fast running models.

More new models are being developed.





Neutral package


50 pcs (One full carton)

Production Lead Time:

Approximately 15 days


200,000 km or 1 year after ship date, whichever comes first.

Recommended Transportation:

By Air

5% discount for 300 pcs (6 cartons) or more per order.

Orders to be shipped in 15 days.

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