Consulting & Project Development



With in-depth industrial knowledge, proven international experience and solid local connections, Shentou has been providing China consulting services to international OEMs, Tier 1s and distributors in the following industries for almost 2 decades:


     √    Automotive, including both OEM, aftermarket

     √    Auto accessories

     √    Agricultural and general machinery

     √    Power generation

     √    General hardware, especially for non-standard drawing parts

     √    Textile

     √    Consumer products


Typically Shentou would act as the consulting partner, representative or sourcing office, or quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) agent for the international clients in the implementation of their China strategy.


Shentou has developed a host of services for the entire supply chain management, either as a complete service package or a stand-alone service, which could be tailor-made to meet different customer requirements.



● Focused Industries:

     √    Automotive

     √    Power Generation

     √    Electronic, industrial & agricultural equipment

     √    General Hardware

     √    General Merchandise

● Focused Processing:

     √    Stamping

     √    Forging (Cold/Hot)

     √    Casting & Die-casting

     √    Machining

     √    Welding

● Focused Materials:

     √    Iron

     √    Steel

     √    Aluminum

     √    Plastic

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