Green Hydrogen Generation Equipment with Alkaline Water Electrolyzer

Date:2021/06/11 Editor:Marketing Department

Electrolyzer                                     H2/O2-lye separators                             H2  Purifier & Dryer


  • Electrolyzer

  • H2/O2-lye separators

  • Control Cabinet

  • H2 Purifier & Dryer


Available formats:

  • Containerized

  • Integrated

  • Skid-mounted

  • Cabinet

Advantages of Alkaline Electrolyzer

  • Pressurized stack (1.5-3.2 MPa)

  • Large capacity of single stack (1000Nm3/h = 5MW)

  • Large capacity of single gas purification unit (4000Nm3/h)

  • High efficiency DC power consumption ≤4.6kW/Nm3 H2 AC power consumption ≤5.2kW/Nm3 H2

  • Independent intellectual property rights

  • Fully automatic operation

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