SHENTOU has Emark certificates for Brake Disc

Date:2017/04/27 Editor:Maggie Lynn

Shentou is pleased to announce that our brake discs have been fully tested to and approved for the new ECE R90 certification (EMARK).

Approved No.:


The ECE R90 approval guarantees the full compliance with OE quality standards during the entire production process:

▶   Raw materials are carefully selected and tested before production

▶   Strict control on the entire casting process

▶   High tensile strength provides excellent safety during vehicles' operation

▶   Metallurgical analysis ensures the integrity of the whole product

▶   CNC automatic machining guarantees consistent precision

▶   Uniform hardness on braking surface results in stableDTV (Disc/Drum thickness variation) within the product life cycle

▶   Specially designed vertical CNC machine for drilling ensures accuracy of mounting holes

▶   100% dynamic balancing ensures stability in vehicle running and braking

▶   Anticorrosive treatment fully protects the product in long distance transportation and long term storage

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